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Activity Description

On March 28, as a full member of TIC Council and member of China Regional Steering Committee (hereinafter referred to as “China RSC”), Sunchine Inspection was invited to attend the 1st Quarter 2023 Conference held by China RSC in Shanghai, China.

Ms Hanane Taidi, Director General of TIC Council made one excellent speech about the update of TIC Council Global Activities.

The Working Groups(WG) under the TIC Council in five key areas, ESG (Environment, Social and corporate governance), Digital and Intelligent Manufacturing, Product Testing and Certification, Commodities, Advocacy, all reported on their work in developing the TIC industry for safety, quality, health, ethics and sustainability over the past quarter.

At the meeting, Mr Francois Shi, General Manager of Sunchine Inspection, also expressed relevant opinions on how to standardize the Inspection, Testing and Certification Industry. The Working Groups also had a heated discussion on the current problems facing and the direction of future development of TIC Industry.

Activity Details

Date: March 28, 2023
Location: Shanghai