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Activity Description

China (Nanjing) International E-commerce Industry Expo 2023 was held in Nanjing from March 22 to 24. This expo is committed to promoting the optimization and upgrading of trade in goods, innovating the development mechanism of trade in services, developing digital trade, and accelerating the construction of a powerful trade country. Sunchine Inspection was invited to participate in this conference as an exhibitor.

As the 1st Cross-Border E-commerce Industry Expo in Nanjing, the Expo covers over 50+different industrial areas, such as consumer electronics, clothing and accessories, smart home, beauty care, outdoor products, maternal and child toys, household department stores, cross-border food and so on.

During the exhibition, Sunchine Inspection introduced our services and Unique advantage in Inspection, Testing and Certification Industries.
As an internationally recognized Inspection&Certification Company and officially authorized notified body in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran and Botswana,etc, Sunchine Inspection provided detailed explanation and guidance on Export Compliance problems encountered by exporters in Europe ,Central and East African countries, which has gained the great interest and attention of many enterprises.

Activity Details

Date: March 22 to 24, 2023
Location: Nanjing