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Activity Description

121st Canton Fair – Apr 13, 2017

Upon his arrival in Guangzhou today, Sunchine team went to Canton Fair to assemble Sunchine Inspection Booth at Canton Fair

Sunchine Inspection booth T7 at Canton Fair April 2017 is situated at the connection of area A and aera B to area C.

François Shi, Karen, Scofield and Tina will welcome you at Sunchine Inspection booth at Canton Fair on from April 15th to April 19th

121st Canton Fair – Apr 15, 2017

Some photos of Sunchine Inspection booth T7 at Canton Fair on April 15th, 2016.

Some photos of Canton Fair on April 15th 2017. As for the last edition, on the first day of Canton Fair the visitors were not very numerosos

121st Canton Fair – Apr 16, 2017

For the second day of Canton Fair there were more people than the first day. Thanks to the visitors who visited Sunchine Inspection booth.

Some photos of Canton Fair on April 16th, 2017.

Do you have problems with your imports from China? Do you want to ensure the quality of the goods you buy in China? Sunchine can help you

121st Canton Fair – Apr 17, 2017

Many visitors attended the 3rd day of Canton Fair in Guangzhou. The first phase of Canton Fair will end on April 19th.

Sunchine Inspection welcomed more visitors today on their booth T7 at Canton. Some pictures of Sunchine Inspection booth on April 17th.

121st Canton Fair – Apr 18, 2017

Canton Fair phase 1 ends tomorrow. Thanks a lot to all visitors who came to Sunchine Inspection booth T7 at Canton Fair today on April 18th

121st Canton Fair – Apr 19, 2017

Canton Fair is phase 1 is over. Sunchine Inspection will be back at Canton Fair for the second phase opening on April 23rd.

Activity Details

Activity: 121st Canton Fair
First Phase: 4.15-19
Location: Guang Zhou
Category: Commercial Activity
Activity Tag: Canton Fair