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Impartiality Statement

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear Colleagues,

Sunchine Quality Control Technology Service Co., Ltd (SQCT) is, on account of its size and organization of suppliers, customers, and team members, completely independent, both in terms of professional decisions and financially.

The higher management levels of the SQCT undertake to comply with all national and international requirements (standards, laws, and regulations) on the operation of testing, inspection, certification bodies.

To ensure the impartiality of services of any third party, in particular the accredited technical services (such as testing, monitoring, calibration, certification, verification, and compliance reviews), these were clearly separated from any consulting services within the SQCT.

The accredited testing, inspection, certification bodies of the SQCT are “Third Party”, and meet national and international requirements for operating a testing laboratory, an inspection body (Type A), and a certification body.

Through permanent and appropriate measures (Committee to ensure Integrity, impartiality, surveillance, monitoring, internal audits, regular analysis of potential conflicts of interest of accredited bodies, etc.), it is ensured by upper management that if consulting services are offered by a company of the SQCT, accredited testing, inspection, certification, verification services will be offered or carried out by other companies of the SQCT.

For all employees of the SQCT, acting with integrity is a matter of course. Impartiality is supported by the complete professional operational freedom of the authorized signatory personnel in the accredited areas.
Every employee has undertaken to fully disclose situations that may lead to conflicts of interest. This notification is made in such cases to the supervisor, who decides, together with the employee, and taking into account all legal and normative requirements, how the settlement of the conflict of interest is to be achieved.

Through the permanent working relationship as salaried employees in SQCT and through an industry-compliant wage, staff payment is not dependent on the amount of testing, inspection, and certification work carried out.

SQCT shall not, under any circumstances, involve in designing, production, installation, distribution or maintenance activities of the product it will certify or in designing, application, operation or maintenance activities of the process it will certify or in designing, implementation, provision or continuation activities of the service it will certify.

SQCT does not engage in any preventive or restrictive activities for all applicants under a non-discriminatory business model, except for the relevant procedures and policies, regardless of the size of the client, the number of certifications, working conditions, membership of any association or group.

The top management of the SQCT establish, document and maintain the quality policy and quality objectives and ensures that they are acknowledged and implemented at all levels of the certification body’s organization.


Sunchine Quality Control Technology Service Co., Ltd.
General Manager:



南京先施质检技术服务有限公司 (SQCT) 在专业决策和财务方面完全独立于任何供应商、客户和其它组织成员,无论其何种规模和组织。


为确保第三方服务的公正性,我们特别明确地将认可的技术服务(如测试、检验、校准、认证、验证和合规性审查)与 SQCT任何咨询服务分开。

SQCT认可的测试、检验、认证机构是“第三方”机构,并符合国家和国际有关运营测试实验室、检验机构(A 型)、认证机构的要求。




SQCT不得在任何情况下,包括设计、生产、安装、产品的分销或维护活动它将证明或在设计、应用程序, 操作或维护活动的过程中,它会证明或在设计、实现、条款或延续活动服务的证明。